Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
— Elliott Erwitt

 It is human nature to sculpt and contour the environment into shapes and forms that we find pleasing. We live in these buildings, work in them, and find entertainment and nourishment in them. We live in a hurried world–often without taking the time to stop and look at our surroundings. My goal is to examine the margins of a man-made landscape that are found in the most normal everyday places–right in plain sight.

Shooting this subject matter provides me with the chance to look for and discover shapes and proportions in the play of light in both full and empty spaces, and the harmony of sinuous lines which combine to create new abstract images. Shooting architecture is this incredible feeling of standing in front of an unchanging building and discover, that by turning around, I can change it into so many different shapes before my eyes. It is not only about shooting my surroundings, it is my passion for finding some interesting point of view that most people might miss.

My work plays with the magical, surreal, and abstract. I focus on stories which are showing either an uncanny situation or a fairytale world. Whatever I am creating, comes from my internal emotional sensibilities. Sometimes my art focuses on the aesthetics of the shapes, but other times, I enjoy showing the color, the beauty, and the fantasy as the key points of my photography.